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Dr. P Suresh kumar ( MD, PhD,FRCP(E) )
The Department of Diabetology and Internal medicine comprises of expert Diabetologists and Endocrinologists who offers routine and advanced medical care and services for diabetic patients and general medical and endocrine cases. We are committed to the latest, ethical and scientific care. Our professional staff takes utmost care in offering personalized and proactive services to all our patients.

We are proud to have a dedicated department that strives to improve all areas of Diabetology and Internal Medicine through clinical practice, self care education and scientific medical care. The services offered are;
  • Comprehensive and Scientific management of all types of Diabetes
  • (Type1, Type 2, Gestational and secondary diabetes, Monogenic Diabetes etc.,)
  • Management of all related complications of Diabetes
  • Obesity management
  • Management of Thyroid diseases
  • Management of all lifestyle disorders like Obesity, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension etc
  • Diabetic Foot management
  • Management of all general medical conditions
  • Counselling for Diabetes and Other Life-Style disorders
  • Appropriate and timely referral to the best specialist for cases requiring other department attention
  • Ambulatory Glucose Profile(AGP)

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