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Diet and Nutrition Therapy
Surprisingly, in many diabetic clinical practices, associated diet and nutritional recommendations made to the patients have been found to have no or little supporting evidence. But these recommendations are still being offered and many patients restrict their lives from enjoying a wide variety of foods they can have without causing harm to their diabetic condition.

The department of Diet and Nutritiion Therapy at Diabcare stands in the forefront on understanding and following the latest research on impact of diet and nutrition on diabetics to ease life for each of our patients. There are many programs and specialties offered from the department as it is one of the areas that are crucial to the happiness and well being of each patient. Our specialties include;
  • Diabetes Education and Nutrition Clinic
  • Diabetes Self Management Education
  • Life-Style management Clinic
  • Fitness clinic (phentermine-web.com)
  • Obesity clinic

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